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The NaturalWonOil brand will have a break for now. Will possibly change place due the changing weather and agriculture. Alpujarra is increasingly dry, with bad yield and harvest last year. Also the marked for legal hemp is having very little profit now, making it almost not possible to do small scale hemp farming. The people, that will survive the next CBD years when the price levels are nearing the ordinary essential oil industry, will be larger companies with more professional set up. So am currently considering what would be better. This year I planted my first test 25 apple trees and maybe if it goes well I will plant 100-200 apples next year. With skyrocketing apples prices... chances are ... it can be a serious investment. Even.. if it seems small. So far I learned that apples were once considered one of the most medicinal legends... Adam and Eve But they became different, the apples. Nowadays its only grafted, but the time is now to find out if the seeds can grow ! To everybody who bought from NaturalWonoil/NaturaQi/NaturalEnergy in the past, its my hope it brought wellbeing and real healing. Sincerely, Ulysses = Erasmus Hansen NaturalWonOil May, 2017

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